Hi and welcome to Honeycomb Stationery Studio’s blog, Buzza Buzza!

In this blog, we’ll be posting about bucketloads of lovely things and all the latest ‘buzza’ around our studio. Some of our favorites: Letterpress, Design, Weddings, Interiors, Recipies, DIY projects, and Entertaining. At our roots, we are a stationery design and print shop and have a serious obsession with chic design, rich inks, thick paper, and beautiful little touches.

We are glad to be here and glad you are here too!


Honeycomb Stationery Studio

Honeycomb is a couture letterpress design and printing boutique with half of our heart in London, England and half in Dallas, Texas. Our goal is to give an antique process a modern twist by custom designing and creating exquisite social stationery and invitations that are a distinctive stamp of style for our chic clientele. By using only the finest 100% cotton papers wrapped in rich inks and crisp printing methods, our collections make a luxurious statement and lasting impression.

Stunning Honeycomb letterpressed projects can be distinguished by simply running a finger over the paper. Each Honeycomb letterpress project is printed on our vintage cast iron press by a skilled presser by using antique techniques and is reviewed by the designer to ensure utmost perfection. Our work can also be digitally printed for projects that require it.

We love the idea that our stationery will find its way into your most personal celebrations with invitations, thank you notes or customized stationery and that’s not an honor we take lightly.


The Letterpress Process

Invented in the 1400’s by a German printer named Johannes Gutenberg, letterpress is the oldest and most intensive printing process that exists. Letterpress began as printing for the masses; it was how people used to communicate with each other on a grander scale.

Today, letterpress is considered a meticulous artform in itself. Honeycomb uses the letterpress relief method in which a reversed, raised plate is inked and then pressed onto paper to achieve a right-reading image and beautiful tactile quality. Slow and deliberate, each individual sheet of paper or envelope is hand-fed through the printing press, giving each design a character and impression that cannot be duplicated by modern machinery.

The classic feel and finish of letterpress papers takes printing back to an era of quality and craftsmanship that is not often found in other printing methods today. We are glad that Honeycomb can help shine a spotlight on this underappreciated art form.



A self-proclaimed traditionalist, Lauren believes that custom social stationery is the ultimate in chic self-expression and etiquette. After an international career in finance marketing, Lauren has turned her passion towards graphic design and crafting meaningful ways to communicate. Lauren has been known to send Christmas cards, birthday cards, postcards, thank you notes and gift packages all over the world to keep in touch with friends and family since she learned to write as a child.

Lauren was born and raised in Dallas,Texas and then trained in letterpress on Fleet Street in London, which has been a printing and publishing hub for the world since the year 1500AD. Printing in this age was so powerful and inspirational that until 1695, London was the only city in Britain where printing was permitted by law. She was also trained in Graphic Design at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, where the likes of Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, John Galliano and Jenny Packham have also roamed the halls.

Lauren has an appreciation for anything beautifully designed and is enthusiastic about classic correspondence. Loves: weekend breakfasts, travelling the world, witty humor, fresh flowers, correct grammar, and a nice glass of bubbly. Lauren thinks smart is sexy and understated elegance is the ultimate in anything.


Thank you for visiting our blog, Buzza Buzza! Give us a shout here: honeycombstationerystudio@gmail.com


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