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Two Cowboys in Marfa

It has arrived!! I am only a little bit obsessed with Gray Malin’s photograph of two cowboys in Marfa,Texas. City chic meets cowboy cool, indeed.



Hand-Lined Envelopes

We’ve got the music cranked up with a nice cup of tea and are busy bees hand-lining envelopes this afternoon!



Letters to Baby Wright

The hostesses of a baby shower approached Honeycomb Stationery Studio to design and print these adorable ‘Par Avion’ Antique postal system – inspired letters to baby. The hostesses planned on having a table at the baby shower where the guests could create ideas and fill in the blanks for a bit of ad-lib fun!

I LOVE anything antique-inspired, especially travel (ok, mayyybe modern conveniences and technology are a little bit more useful in travelling than antique systems were…) But generally the idea of old suitcases, big sunglasses with a scarf around your head, and hand-delivering packages all over the world just thrills me.

This is also a great option for those mommies-to-be that have decided to not find out the gender or for baby showers that are early in the pregnancy!

I loved working with the hostesses on this project! I guess the only question now is…who is going to teach the baby to read??

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Cameo in BRIDES UK

I received a lovely email from a dear friend in London who is planning her wedding (Honeycomb is designing and printing her wedding suite – stay tuned!). She was flipping through the March/April edition of BRIDES Magazine in the UK and stumbled upon a little cameo of a picture of my wedding day getting my makeup done by the lovely Sarah Brock. Hubby is in a picture in the background. The article is about Sarah and her wonderful expertise in the bridal makeup world – definitely an expert you want on hand for your wedding day if its in the UK! Here is the full interview.

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Hand-painted Graphic Rug

I love graphic prints. I love carpets and rugs for the home. The problem? Classic or Trendy, Antique or Contemporary,  Hand-Woven or Machine Loomed, they’re so DANG expensive!

This is a cheap and easy way to bring a bold graphic print into your home. It takes about 3 full days to complete once you have the materials.

I used an Ikea ERSLEV rug  (4’7″ x 6’7″ is $39.99). I used the larger size of 5’11” x 8’2″ which is $59.99.

Next, decide a paint color. It needs to be a latex-based paint for easy application and max breathability. You can get quarts at any hardware/home improvement store for about $10. I chose the cool, deep gray to anchor some other furniture and accessories it will be around. I also wanted a bit of a shine to the final product, so i got a quart of polyurethane sealant. This is optional, but will increase the lifespan of the paint by protecting it, especially if you plan to put the rug in a room with high foot traffic (it also will make it a bit easier to clean!).

I found a pattern that I liked and traced it on cardboard to create a template. Then used the template to draw the pattern in pencil on the rug.

Once everything is lined up and you are happy with it, the hard part is over! Now put on some music, grab a drink, and start painting!

I found it easier to paint in 2 waves. I used a big, wide coverage brush for the large areas first, then went over again with a smaller, detailed brush to get the pattern right.

Letting the sealant dry…

Ta-dah! I can’t wait to complete the room it will go in. Have you painted a graphic rug? I’d love to see the results or know if you did anything differently!


Happy Baby Shower Mallory!

A few weeks ago, Mallory contacted me about her upcoming baby plans – I was so happy she called! Mallory and her husband Chance are the SWEETEST couple and they are going to be fantastic parents! She wanted invitations for her baby shower and birth announcements. We are still waiting on the due date of their daughter, who will be called Laney Cassiana, a beautiful name with heart-touching significance (They chose the middle name in honor and rememberance of a friend who passed away too soon). Mallory’s brief to me was this:

  • Elegant
  • Classy
  • Fun
  • She was inspired by the nursery she and her husband have worked so hard to create – pink, white, and accents of green

After several rounds of drafts, editing, and changes, we developed together her theme…

Here are some of the after pics (sorry about the fuzzy picture quality!)

Happy Baby Shower Mallory! And I can’t wait to meet Laney and to print the coordinating birth announcements!

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Wedding Press – D Magazine

This morning I woke up to a lovely surprise – I’ve been featured on D Weddings giving advice to brides! D Weddings is the ultimate wedding source for all Dallas brides-to-be and I’m thrilled to have been featured as an ‘expert’!

Click on this link!


Aside from remembering the important moments on wedding day, nothing makes a better impression than a beautiful suite of stationery. It’s the first glimpse of the event that your guests will receive – make it a good one!

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Our blogging debut…

Hi and welcome to Honeycomb Stationery Studio’s blog, Buzza Buzza!

In this blog, we’ll be posting about bucketloads of lovely things and all the latest ‘buzza’ around our studio. Some of our favorites: Letterpress, Design, Weddings, Interiors, Recipies, DIY projects, and Entertaining. At our roots, we are a stationery design and print shop and have a serious obsession with chic design, rich inks, thick paper, and beautiful little touches. Half of our heart is in Dallas, Texas and the other half is in London, England but we would like to say…

We are glad to be here and glad you are here too!

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